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 UK Touring Advice

Information is correct at the time of publishing (2008), please confirm as required with authorities.


Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation in Great Britain or Worldwide.


Limit of 0.08 per cent. Breath tests can be applied to any rider/driver whom is suspected of committed an offence.

Black Visors

Wearing a Black, Tinted and Coloured Visor on your Crash Helmet is now illegal for road use in the UK.
They can be worn on tracks, subject to organisers terms and conditions.

Crash Helmets

Wearing a crash helmet on the road is the LAW in the UK, for both rider and pillion. It's also a requirement on trackdays and in many competitive events.

For passengers in side cars it is not compulsory to wear a crash helmet.

Driving Licence

Visitors to the UK may use their national driving licence ONLY if they have reached the age of the minimum driving requirements in the UK. Motorcycles up to 25kW and a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg 17 years, above 25kw 21years old. Forigen provision licences are not valid in the UK.


Fixed penalty fines in place for offences such as speeding, defective tyres.


Use of headlights during the day is recommended. Headlights should be adjusted for driving on the left.


Use of horns is prohibited in built up areas between 11.30pm and 7.00am

Protective Clothing

Whilst there is no law about clothing, It's ideal to purchase some specialised motorcycle clothing, not only to keep you warm, but to keep you safe. The most popular attire is leather, it's warm and it's practical and strong in event of a crash, but it's not very waterproof. There is now a wide choice of alternative fabrics, which work as well which are waterproof.

Clothing, including motorcycle gloves, can be purchased with additional padding and armour.

Race cans

Race Cans are stamped with 'NOT FOR ROAD USE' - For anyone who has a problem with understanding that - They are illegal.
Race Cans and Full race Systems can be used on the Race Track if you are a racer - and on trackdays (subject to the organisers conditions or the tracks noise requirements)

If you use a race can on the road, expect to get a rectification order from the police.



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